Dog Day Care: A Practical Option For Your Pet

30 October 2015
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For some, the idea of dog daycare may seem extreme and be only for the financially privileged. In truth, keeping your pet contented and well-cared for each and every day is a reasonable and attainable goal. If you have a tough work schedule, dog daycare can keep both you and your pet happy. 


If you are gone from home a great deal, your dog can become lonely and even depressed, especially if you have no other pets. When you come home from a hard day at work, you may be too tired to give your dog enough attention/and or exercise. Dog daycare provides your pet with companionship and fun activities. A good facility will match your dog with the right group of other dogs and provide enough experienced employees to properly supervise each animal as it romps outdoors or plays inside. If your pet has a medical condition, some facilities will administer medications. At night, your dog will be tired from all the activity and be ready to snuggle up beside you as you also wind down. 

Timid Dogs

Many dogs thrive at dog daycare, but a few may have trouble adjusting. Fortunately, you can go with your dog and observe how it does with other animals. Some dogs enjoy playing in large groups while others find that sort of atmosphere overwhelming. A good daycare will watch out for your less social dog and provide it with opportunities to be alone and nap. Your dog should be put into a play group of similar sized breeds. If your dog still reacts poorly, daycare may not be the answer for your particular situation. 


The cost varies depending on the location and sophistication of the facility, but you can expect to pay between $12–$38 a day for your pet. Some places will allow you to enroll your dog for a half day and charge you between $6–$25. Even if you cannot afford constant daycare for your dog, paying for several days a week is probably within your budget. 

Dog daycare is not an exotic idea. The average person can benefit from using these facilities. Your dog will be happier, and you can go about your work day without worry or guilt about your pet. Knowing that your dog is well cared for and frolicking with friends is worth the price of the service. For your dog's sake, check out a dog daycare service near you, such as Daily Wag