Dog-Sitting? Create Something Creative And 'Pawsome' For Their Human

28 February 2017
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If you are watching a friend's furry family member or if you are dog-sitting a cluster of canines, create a clever keepsake for their human. These ideas are easy, inexpensive, and much-appreciated by any dog-lover.

Some easy and clever crafting ideas the next time you are dog-sitting are:

Pretty pawprint paintings. Anyone with any level of craftiness can complete a cute and canine-themed painting. This type of artwork involves dipping the dog's paw in non-toxic, water-based paint. Then, you carefully press their paw on thick paper or card-stock. Make sure to set up a wash-station so that you can quickly wipe their paws to avoid a mess on the floors in your home!

Some ideas include:

  • Create a floral painting by using the pawprint as the bloom. When the print is dry, add leaves, a stem, and other details to complete the painting.
  • Gently dip the paw in black paint for silhouette that you can simply label with the dog's name and date, and that is suitable for framing.
  • Try painting a garden when you watch multiple dogs. Use each distinct paw for a different type of flower or tree, and label with the name of each furry muse.

Fido's fancy frame. Got a picture of the dogs in your care? Print it out, and frame it in a simple, wood or plastic picture frame. Create a memory photo by embellishing the frame with some canine-inspired accents.

Some cool, canine-inspired trinkets to glue to your picture frame are:

  • Spray-painted dog biscuits.
  • Scrapbooking embellishments.
  • An old or unwanted canvas collar. Twist and twirl to adorn the frame, and hot-glue in several spots to secure.
  • Old or discarded dog tags.

Canine-inspired concrete art. It is so easy to make clever, cement stepping stones that are suitable for a garden, near a patio, or near another pet's memorial or grave. If you are planning this project, try to save and recycle some old cereal boxes beforehand, as these are the perfect size for a stepping stone.

To make your stepping-stone:

  • First, prepare the concrete or cement according to the manufacturer's directions.
  • Create a mold out of a shallow box that is about the same size that you want your stepping-stone. Add the cement, filling so that it is a couple inches deep.
  • Gently dip the dog's paw in the wet cement, deep enough to leave an impression.
  • Wash the dog's paw thoroughly, and allow the cement to fully-dry before peeling away the box remnants.

Dog-sitting for a friend or family member? Make it the time to create one of these canine-inspired gift ideas. These are excellent gifts to give to the dog-lover, as well as to tuck away for the holiday season. For more information on dog sitting, contact a business like Love & Care Pet Salon.