3 Tips For Boarding Your Cat For The First Time

20 February 2019
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If you are planning on going out of town, don't expect your cat to take care of themselves. A cat boarding facility can be a perfect way to make sure that your cat gets the care they need while you are out of town.

#1: Carefully Check the Facility

Before you sign your cat up for a boarding facility, you are going to want to check out the facility in person. Do not rely on reviews or a shiny website; instead, make sure that you check out any boarding facility that you are interested in.

For a cat boarding facility, there should be separate cages or areas for each cat. Cats, unlike dogs, generally do not do well mingling together. Check the litter boxes, and make sure they are clean. Just because a lot of cats are there doesn't mean that the place should smell unpleasant. The litter boxes should be clean. Make sure that there is space for the cats to hang out. There should be climbing trees and areas for your cat to play.

The only way to verify this information is by visiting first.

#2: Do a Test Run

Before you leave your cat for a week at a boarding facility, do a test run first for a night. This will allow your cat to experience what it is like to ride in your car and what it is like to stay away from you for a night. It will allow your cat to see that you are going to come back for them after their overnight stay.

Doing one or two test runs before a big trip can allow your cat to become familiar and comfortable with the idea of the boarding facility. It can also allow your cat to see and understand that you will be coming back for them.

#3: Bring Your Own Items

When you take your cat for their actual stay, be sure to bring your cat's own supplies from home. Bring your cat's own food for them to eat; that way, your cat can stay on the same diet. Let the facility know when your cat is typically fed. Bring your cat's own litter for the facility to use; many cats are very sensitive about what type of litter they use, so be sure to provide your cat with their own litter. If your cat has a special bed or toys, bring them as well. The more comfortable and familiar you can make the boarding facility, the better the experience will be for your cat.

Before you go away on a big trip, research and visit some boarding facilities for your cat in person. When you find the right pet boarding facility, do one or two overnight test runs with your cat. When you drop your cat off, be sure to bring items from home to make the experience more comfortable for your cat.