Preparing Your Long-Haired Dog For Summer? 3 Grooming Tips To Keep In Mind

27 June 2018
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With summer right around the corner, you may be wondering about what kinds of things you can do to help keep your dog comfortable. When your dog has a longer coat, it becomes especially important to look into what you can do to help keep them cool even when the temperatures outside begin getting warm.

Since you'll need to take your dog on regular walks and bring them outside, it's smart to get some professional pet grooming done so that they are more comfortable -- even in the high heat.

Avoid Shaving Your Dog Completely

You may be tempted to have your dog shaved so that they can feel much cooler in the summer heat, but this can lead to a lot of problems due to the risk of a sunburn. Their fur can be a great barrier from exposing their skin to risks such as cancer and sunburns, making it vital for you to avoid having your dog shaved entirely.

Looking into short haircuts instead can keep your dog much cooler without exposing their skin.

Look for Breed-Specific Hairstyles

When visiting a groomer it's a good idea to look for hairstyles that work with the breed of your dog. While mixed breeds may have more flexibility over hairstyles, certain breeds may look strange when you choose a hairstyle that isn't suitable for their breed.

Visiting an experienced groomer can help you get some advice on which hairstyles are the best fit for keeping your dog cool and still making sure that they look great once their fur has been trimmed. From lion cuts to an overall short haircut, picking the right hairstyle can go a long way toward making sure that your dog will be comfortable.

Ask About How to Care for Their Skin

Another reason why visiting a professional groomer can be a good idea for the summer is that you can get advice on how to keep your dog's coat in the best condition. While making sure that they feel cool even when it's warm out is important, you'll also want to ask about how to prevent dry skin and what you can do to make sure their coat is shiny even with some of the elements that can come with summer.

Asking a professional groomer about what you can do to keep your dog's coat in the best shape can go a long way toward making sure that your dog is comfortable during the warmer months of the year and that they won't have skin issues due to the temperature.